Playback and download

This user guide helps you to play videos on the u:stream server and to download them to your device.


  • The availability of individual links depends on the processing profiles.
  • The links to the videos available on the u:stream server are not published by the ZID. It is the responsibility of the user to pass on the links provided.

E-mail notification

Once the conversion has been successfully completed on the u:stream server, you will receive an e-mail notification. This contains links with which you can access the video or audio files online.


Via website

Websites with an embedded player are automatically generated for all videos. These are intended for direct playback in the browser.

Depending on the availability in the browser, a Flash plug-in is called up for playback – for example with Chrome – takes places with a preinstalled player. If neither is available, users have to install Adobe Flash Player.

Via streaming (RTSP)

All common (local) media player applications (VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player etc.) are capable of AV streaming using the RTSP protocol.

Download/web (HTTP)

By passing on these links, you enable users to download the streams.

If a user opens this link, the download of the recording will be started – unless a browser plug-in starts playing the recording without being asked.

Deleting the file

If you delete the file on the u:stream server, the links to the stream and the download will also become invalid. You can no longer access the file.