This user guide helps you to upload videos to the u:stream server.


  • The u:stream server is reserved for video and AV files. To upload other types of files – such as pictures and documents – you can use other services of the University of Vienna to Store and share data.
  • Make sure that the files, folders and profiles on your local device are named correctly and only then copy all new content to the streamin share.

Settings and upload

The specific path on streamin, where you can store your audio and video files or create subdirectories can be found in the e-mail for activation of the u:stream server.

Follow the general instructions for accessing the online storage space and use the following settings:

Operating system Connect with server address/folder User
Windows Connecting Windows Explorer or Computer – network drive \\share.univie.ac.at\streamin share\u:account userID
macOS FinderGo toConnect with server (Apple + K) smb://share;UserID@share.univie.ac.at/streamin share\u:account userID
Linux, Unix Filebrowser + Samba Client – Server smb://share;UserID@share.univie.ac.at/streamin share\u:account userID
  • If new files are stored on streamin, the converter starts working – if necessary, according to the processing profiles given in the file name.
  •  At the same time you will receive an e-mail notification that the u:stream server has started processing. If there are incompatibilities with the naming of files or folders or problems with the conversion, an e-mail will also be sent to you. The notification is sent via e-mail as soon as the server has recognised the files as new. This can take up to an hour.
  • The conversion takes up to 24 hours depending on the length, quality or size and utilization of the service. The expected completion time can be viewed in the working queue – the corresponding ticket number can be found in the e-mail notification mentioned above.
  • In the interests of fair use, we also ask you not to upload more than three files at the same time, otherwise all converters will be blocked at the same time and the processing of other video files may be significantly delayed.
  • Do not upload large AV materials and reduce large files with popular programs (e.g. Handbrake) before uploading.
  • To avoid processing errors on the u:stream server, make sure that the video has a constant frame rate when recording a video. If it is not possible to set this explicitly in the program you are using, use the Handbrake program. There you can convert the created video so that the frame rate is constant:

Screenshot Handbrake Framerate