Web database

Many applications for websites on the web space, such as survey tools or content management systems, require a database. Organisational units and employees can create such a database easily.

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Form Managing web database

Creating and managing a database

In Managing web database you can create or delete a database, create or change the password for the database, or check the log-in details (name, user and host of the database).

Log in with your u:account UserID or the web space UserID and the corresponding password.

  1. Log in to Managing web database.
  2. For the first log-in, select a database password that is not identical to your u:account/web space password.

The database user is identical to the u:account UserID or to the web space UserID.

As soon as you have created the database, you can see the name and host of the database.

Accessing the database

You can find all the information you need to access the database in the form Managing web database. You have the following options:

Using phpMyAdmin

  1. Open the form Administrate web database.
  2. Log in with your database host, database user name (u:account UserID or web space account) and the corresponding database password.

Using the command-line interface

Edit the database via webspace-access.univie.ac.at using SSH access with the following command:

mysql -h Databasename.mysql.univie.ac.at -D Databasename -u Databaseuser -p


You can find all the information you need to configure the desired application (user, name and host of the web database) in the form Managing web database.


The ZID Helpdesk can only offer limited support for databases.

For further information, please visit the website MariaDB Documentation.