Making additional settings

This user guide will help you to make additional settings when displaying publications and projects from u:cris.


When you open the In Depth Settings for Publications tab, you get the following view:

Screenshot advanced settings for publications

In the following table you will find the possible settings together with a description:

Setting Description
Narrow Selection by choosing Publication Type displays the classification list, you can select entries and limit the list accordingly
Show only Peer-Reviewed Publications restricts the selection to the peer-reviewed classification
Show only entries with a status of 'published' shows only published entries
Choose Publications by searchterms creates thematic lists, the search terms must be linked by OR or AND
Published after date shows publications from this date, together with before date you can optionally define a period
Published before date shows publications before this date
Group Publications by Year creates a list ordered descending by year with the respective year as the heading
Order by sorted (each in ascending/descending order) by year, author, year and author, title
Citation style displays list with corresponding citation style: Vancouver, Harvard, Apa, MLA, CBE, Author, Authorlist, Standard, see also the section Available citation styles


If you activate Narrow Selection by choosing Publication Type, you will get selection fields of all classifications. The classifications are organized hierarchically, ---- Contribution to journal: ----- is a parent entry, this is not selectable.

 Screenshot restrict publication types

Available citation styles

The following citation styles are available for selection:

Screenshot available citation styles


You can set the sorting and a filter in the In Depth Settings for Projects tab:

  • In the drop-down Order projects you can choose between Startdate and Title in ascending or descending order.
  • In the drop-down Filter projects you can limit the list to Not Started, Running and Finished.

 Screenshot set display projects