E-learning, IT courses

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E-learning, IT courses

Moodle and u:stream

Teachers use Zoom and other video conferencing systems embedded in Moodle in their courses. In addition, teachers can use u:stream to stream their courses online or record them and provide the recordings on Moodle. There is no way around Moodle for students anyway: Moodle is the e-learning platform where you can communicate with your teachers and fellow students. You will also find course material and assignments on Moodle.

IT courses

While we are on the subject: When working on the layout of your seminar paper, it happens time and again that you move an image in Word one millimetre to the left and the entire text suddenly disappears, that the image is turned upside down, that 4 new pages appear, that the continental plates shift and that planet Earth is blown out of its orbit.
The IT courses of the ZID can help you with issues such as these.

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