Managing files

This user guides helps you to manage files in TYPO3.


  1. The module Filelist serves to manage the pictures and documents of your website. Instead of the page tree, you have a directory tree, and in the working window, the files of your current directory are listed.
  2. Depending on the settings you selected below the list (Extended view and Display thumbnails), the display of the file list may vary slightly.
  3. In the middle of the list, you can find icons for editing, renaming, deleting, copying, cutting, etc. You have the same icons in the context menu, if you click on the little icon in front of the file name.

Screenshot file list

If you click on Copy or Cut, you will see the file below in the clipboard. At the same time, a little icon appears in the title bar of the filelist, with which you can reinsert the file at another place in the directory tree.

TYPO3 will then adjust the paths in the content elements. In other words, the only thing you might have to do after moving a file is clear the cache, so that your pictures are displayed correctly again in the frontend.



However, the filelist of TYPO3 is not as flexible as the one of your local operating system. Subsequent changes of your directory tree can be labour-intensive. Therefore, you should think about your desired structure carefully before creating your directories.

Creating a folder

  1. Navigate to the desired position in the directory tree in the Filelist module.
  2. Click the right-hand side icon New in the light grey bar above the working window.
  3. Enter the name for the new folder and click Create folders.


Uploading a file

  1. Navigate to the desired folder in the directory tree and click the icon Upload Files.
  2. A pop-up window where you can select files will appear, as well as a field allowing you to upload files via drag-and-drop. You can select several files in the selection field, or close the selection field and drag several files from a local file window to the drop area in TYPO3.

Screenshot uploading a file


If file names are already assigned, you will be asked if you want to skip, rename or replace the file. If you click Cancel, no upload will take place.