Limiting access time

This user guide will help you to time limit the access to pages and content without login.

You can control the access to not only pages and content elements, but also news and other database entries based on time. For this purpose, almost every item with the Access tab also has a Publish Date and an Expiration Date.

Screenshot Access Tab publish date

You can control access by the minute. However, to use time-based access, you must temporarily disable the cache: As long as the cache still contains your content item, TYPO3 will continue to deliver the page with the content element, even if the publish date for it has already passed.

The option to temporarily disable the cache can be found in the page properties in the Behaviour tab:

Screenshot temporarily disable cache

For example, if you want to show or hide a content at midnight, disable the cache the day before, before your end of duty, and enable it again the next day when you start duty.


  • Always temporarily disable the cache of all affected pages.
  • If a page content element or a news element is enabled time-dependently, it is sufficient to deactivate the cache of the page(s) on which the element is displayed.
  • If you want to show or hide whole pages time-dependently, you have to deactivate not only the cache of these pages, but also the cache of the parent page. This is because the parent page contains the affected menu in which the page is to appear, and without the menu entry the automatically (de)activated page cannot be found.
  • Re-enable the cache after the end of the time control. Without the cache, the server is unnecessarily burdened by the page load.