Embedding FAQ

This user guide will help you to embed FAQ on your website.

To include FAQ, use the Modern FAQ plug-in. You can find an example of FAQ at layout.univie.ac.at (in German).

The plug-in consists of at least 2 types of elements, similar to the news system:

  • Display (module Page)
  • Records (module List)

You can position these elements on a page, but it is recommended to create a separate folder as the number of questions increases.

Creating display

  1. Create a new page content element Modern FAQ on the page that should contain the FAQ. This can be found in the Plugins tab.
  2. Under What to display, set the option Dynamic view with dhtml (answers folding out).
  3. Select the page or folder where you want to store your question records as the Startingpoint.
  4. Save and close the element.

Screenshot create display for FAQ

Creating data set

  1. Switch to the module List and create a new record of the type FAQ.
  2. Now you can enter the question, the corresponding answer and possibly an image.
  3. You may need to clear the cache afterwards before the question is visible on your page.

Screenshot create dataset