Quick user guide Microsoft 365

Here you find the most important steps for aquiring, setting up and using Microsoft 365 at the University of Vienna. Detailed information and user guides are available on the Microsoft 365 service page and the Teams service page.

Step 1: Aquiring Microsoft 365

To use Microsoft 365 including Teams at the University of Vienna, you need a Microsoft account and a personal licence. Both will be created during the ordering process.


Employees aquire Microsoft 365 via the self-service portal. Outside the university data network, you will need a VPN connection. Various subscription plans and additional packages are available. Use the user guide Aquiring Microsoft 365.


For students, Microsoft 365 will be available via AcadCloud (implementation in progress).

You will be informed by e-mail as soon as your Microsoft account at the University of Vienna is ready. This is:

  • User name: u:account-UserID@univie.ac.at (for example musterm1@univie.ac.at)
  • Password: u:account password

The provision of the Microsoft account can take up to 2 hours.

Step2: Activating Microsoft 365 and setting up second factor

The first time you access Microsoft 365, it is mandatory to set up multi-factor authentication.

Log in to the Microsoft 365 portal with your Microsoft account at the University of Vienna. A note appears that Further information is required. Click on Next.

By default, Microsoft Authenticator is suggested as the method for the second factor. You can choose one or more of the following methods:


Use the user guide Activating Microsoft 365 and selecting second factor.

Step3: Using Teams app

The Teams desktop app is not included in the Office apps package and must be downloaded separately from the Teams website. Use the user guide Installing Teams app

Users who have already installed the Teams desktop app or mobile app on their device can continue to use them.

You can also use the Teams web app.

Log in to Teams with the appropriate log in information.

For detailed information, see the Teams service page.

Step 4: Installing Office desktop apps

Via the Microsoft 365 portal, you can access the web apps directly or download the Office desktop apps package. In the Microsoft 365 Portal, click Install Apps in the top right corner to download the Office desktop apps to your device.

If necessary, use the user guides under Installing Office apps.


The Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for installation on your desktop device are only available to employees with the subscription plan Microsoft 365 (A3) – Account and licence desktop and web apps.

Before installing the Office desktop apps, an older version of Microsoft Office (2016/19) that has already been installed must be returned via the self-service portal and uninstalled on the respective device.


Users of centrally managed devices

  • Return an older Microsoft Office licence via the self-service portal.
  • Microsoft Office will be automatically uninstalled after the return.
  • In addition to your Microsoft 365 subscription plan, order from the self-service portal m: Microsoft 365 (add-on package) – Installing the Office apps on centrally managed devices.
  • The Microsoft 365 Office apps will be installed automatically after ordering. Please also use the user guide Installing on centrally managed devices.


Users of locally managed devices