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Depending on the respective organisational unit, PC workplaces are:

  • managed locally by the user or manually by the IT representative  
  • managed centrally by the IT representative via the deployment system

Obtaining software

Licensed software for centrally managed devices (managed clients) and locally managed devices (unmanaged clients) can be obtained via the self-service portal.

PC workplaces that are centrally managed by the ZID or by IT representatives receive software via the Matrix42 Empirum deployment system:

Software on locally managed devices (unmanaged clients) must be installed manually.

Ordering hardware

You can order desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, etc. for your organisational unit from the u:shop Hardware.


Several video conferencing and team chat systems are available for collaboration.

Digital signature

With u:sign, employees can legally sign PDF documents (such as agreements, contracts, records) online using the Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature).

Printing and copying

The u:print staff service enables organisational units of the University of Vienna to offer and charge printing and copying services to its employees in a convenient way.

Phone calls

With the u:phone service, employees can be reached not only on their u:phone device, but also on their PC or mobile phone if they wish. The following servicedesk forms will help you make u:phone available to new employees:

Employees may also receive a business mobile phone. Prerequisite is an existing u:phone profile and the superior’s approval.

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