Account, managing users and e-mail

Illustration Account, E-Mail

Account, managing users and e-mail

Account, managing users

New employees or guests at your organisational unit create their own u:account.

Afterwards, an employee or an organisational unit have to support it first and then manage it via the Managing u:account form. The u:account for guests is assigned a validity period and permissions, among other things.

Users can view information about their personal u:account (e.g. Wi-Fi password, share access) at any time on My u:account.

E-mail service

With their u:account, new employees and guests also receive an e-mail address. Users can send, receive and manage their e-mails in a variety of ways:

  • Using an e-mail program installed locally or an e-mail app
  • Using Webmail in a web browser

At some organisational units, Exchange is available for e-mail, shared calendars and contacts as well as public folders. You can manage the Exchange service via these two forms:

As an IT representative, you can request service e-mail addresses (e.g. for conferences, services) at any time.

Organisational units can send e-mail messages (such as newsletters):

  • with the mass mailer to a predefined group of recipients, selected on the basis of individually assigned characteristics.
  • with the mailing list service to a group of registered subscribers.

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