Data network, web and server

Illustration Datennetz, Web, Server

Data network, web and server

Data network

You can manage IP addresses at your organisational unit using the IP database. You can obtain authorisation to access the IP database via the corresponding service desk form.

You can request static VPN IP addresses from the ZID Helpdesk.

The firewall for organisational units helps protect the organisational units and subunits of the University of Vienna against dangers from the Internet. As an IT representative, you can enter, change or delete firewall rules via the ZID.


Employees of the University of Vienna have several options for designing websites and publishing them on the internet.

  • Personal websites: webspace with installed software (Wordpress), empty webspace
  • Publishing websites for business purposes: content management system TYPO3, webspace with installed software (Wordpress) or empty webspace

You can register any top-level domain via the domain administration service of the ZID. For servers of your organisational unit, the ZID provides free SSL certificates.

The service Checking accessibility supports administrators of public websites of the University of Vienna in making them accessible, as required by the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (Web Accessibility Act) for websites of public institutions.
Employees can find more information (i.e. legal requirements, checklists, tools) also in the intranet space Digitale Barrierefreiheit (digital accessibility, in German).


Organisational units of the University of Vienna that operate self-managed IT services on their own server can accommodate them in the server infrastructure of the ZID by means of server housing.

The central backup allows you to store any data from your computer on servers of the University of Vienna. This is particularly relevant for data that is not automatically saved as part of other ZID services.

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